GOG版Slain: Back From Hell無料配布中

ゲームパブリッシャーDigeratiのニュースレターに登録するだけでSlain: Back From HellのGOG版をもらえます
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We distribute free keys every day at 7AM PST time because so many people are taking us up on this offer. Thank you for your patience.
The key will arrive in an email from news@digeratidistribution.com. In that email will be a special link to the Good Old Games (GOG) store. Click on it to claim your copy of Slain.

  • ゲーム入手までに届くメールは以下の3件(差出人はDigerati Distribution)
    • Digerati Website: Please Confirm Subscription(認証)
    • Thanks for joining Digerati(登録完了)
    • Claim your free copy of Slain: Back From Hell(リンク記載)