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Libredia Summer Sale

カジュアルなゲームをちょっとやりたい時に良さそうなタイトルが並んでいますがこれならbundlestarsのDollar Rage Bundleのほうが良さそうです

Zombie Solitaireisthereanydealtradingcard
Kingdom Talesisthereanydeal
I Am Vegend – Zombiegeddonisthereanydealjp
Redneck Racersisthereanydeal
Chernobyl Terrorist Attack  DRM-Free

Where Angels Cryisthereanydealjp
Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New Worldisthereanydealjp
Fury Of The Godsisthereanydeal
Ride ‘em Lowisthereanydeal
IHF Handball Challenge 12isthereanydeal

HTR+ Slot Car Simulationisthereanydeal
Island Flight Simulatoristhereanydeal
Country Talesisthereanydealtradingcard
3D Poolisthereanydeal
Hotel DRM-Free

Yakuza 0
Tom Clancy’s The Division
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